Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am switching from AM Housekeeping to PM Housekeeping in a couple of weeks until the end of my program (June 4th). I really really hate the job I have now (AM Housekeeping) and I've asked my manager probably like a million times to see if there were any alternatives to doing what I was doing.

Well I finally had it about a week ago when I FAILED a room inspection because there were some coffee grinds in the inside/back of the coffee maker (where the water goes) in a suite. I had spent TWO HOURS doing that checkout, busting my ass to make sure it was PERFECT because my manager told me the inspectors were going to be there that day. And what do I get for it? A failed room inspection. On something I didn't even know I was SUPPOSED to do! See, in training, they told me I had to clean the pot and the thing the filter goes into etc, and showed me how to do that. Never once was I told or showed how to clean the inside of the maker. Well apparently there is this powdery chemical stuff and I am "supposed to" put it inside the coffee maker and run the coffee pot twice and that cleans the inside. WTF. Thanks for telling me this when I was BEING TRAINED. And thanks for failing me on a room inspection. WTF.

So basically I HAD IT. I am sick of being at a job where NOTHING I do is EVER good enough, no matter HOW HARD I work. I bust my ass ALL DAY LONG cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, and then they will always find SOMETHING to make me feel like crap about, like I am not working hard and I'm being LAZY because I missed a teeny tiny water spot on the bottom corner of the mirror or because there is some dust inside the vent or because I missed one little hair behind the door in an occupied room. It just seems like nothing is ever good enough and it doesn't matter how hard I work. So, yeah, I HAD IT.

I was sick of feeling like crap every day at work (physically and mentally) so I went to my manager's office to self-terminate because well...yeah, my job was basically ruining my time here. But he talked to his boss and they are letting me switch to PM housekeeping which is apparently MUCH better, still involves cleaning rooms (but less than AM housekeeping). But will also involve running things to rooms upon request (towels, fridges etc) and they said can also involve being resort custodial. This seems like it will be way less hard on me and like I'll be much happier. It apparently involves a LOT more guest interaction (housekeeping...yeah, barely any) and I probably won't be as tired and I'll actually get to go out and DO THINGS.

So I am really happy they finally took into consideration how housekeeping was definitely NOT a good fit for me...I'm still technically going to be in the housekeeping role, but doing different things than I was. Hopefully this is a lot less stressful, upsetting, and painful!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am still alive!

OK, so I haven't really posted in this since I arrived at Disney. I think it is probably because the excitement of actually arriving here is gone, and I am just SO BUSY all the time now! I am having so much fun on my program.

Let's start out with the negatives so I can end this on a happy note! (don't worry, the positives FAR outweigh the negatives!!!)
-My roommate. My goodness she is absolutely horrible. She is dirty, and loud, and rude, and just generally disrespectful to EVERYONE else who lives in the apartment (there are 6 of us)
-My job. But that's okay because I already knew I was going to absolutely hate housekeeping.
-I miss my boyfriend so much!

The positives:
-Even though I hate housekeeping, the hours are REALLY good! When I work, it's from 8am-4:30pm. Most CPs get varied hours every day of the week, sometimes they work early in the morning, and sometimes they are at work until 3am. Mine are steady!

-They allow us to accept tips in housekeeping, which is really nice! Some days I don't get anything, sometimes just a couple dollars, sometimes $20 or more. The extra money really helps! I have barely been using my actual paycheck to buy things, because I've just been using the cash from tips. Yay! So I guess there are a couple of good things about housekeeping (but I would still take the crappy hours and low pay that other CPs get working in merchandise or something ANY DAY over housekeeping! They actually get to interact with guests and have fun at their job! I pretty much break down and cry every day at work)

-Other roommates besides the one I share a room with! Considering there are 6 of us in the apartment I think it is pretty awesome that 5 of us generally get along! And out of the 5 of us, I am really good friends with 2 of the other girls! The 3 of us do almost everything together and we always have a bunch of fun. We go to the parks, out to eat, shopping, to the beach, etc all the time! I feel really lucky that I got in an apartment with people who don't suck (except for my roommate but OH WELL the good outweighs the bad!)

-I am somehow managing to get by making barely any money...I was really worried about this, because at my job at home, where I waitressed, I would make between $20-$30 an hour on average. Even though my Disney paycheck ($150-$200) is what I would make on the average Saturday morning (working 8am-3pm waiting tables) at home, I'm not doing too bad! I thought I would be freaked out because I would go from having a ton of money all the time to having no money ever, but I am doing okay! I'm just not being as frivolous with it as I am at home, but luckily it isn't affecting me like I thought it would

-My boyfriend is visiting next week!!! He is coming on Friday night and staying until Monday night! I am super excited!!! I miss him so much, I can't wait until he gets here. And I got all of my days off approved for when he is visiting :)

-I LIVE AT DISNEY WORLD. Enough said!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Here!

I checked in on Monday :) I live in a 3 Bedroom at Patterson Court, and it is really nice! I love all of my roommates except for one of them, which is funny because when I was researching stuff about the CP, one of the things I read about a lot was that everyone in the apartment would get along and be friends but that there would be one person that nobody liked and it's totally true unfortunately.

I work at All Star Music in housekeeping and I am in the Jazz building. I haven't started doing the physical work yet (I start doing the housekeeping part on Monday...this week has been ALL boring classes and such) but I don't hate the idea of it as much as I did before. Our costumes aren't horrible and the hours are WONDERFUL (8am-4:30pm any day we are working! CPs who work in other roles can potentially be working until 3am at the MK or overnight if they are at front desk. AND when I was taking the housekeeping core class, the trainers told us we are allowed to keep tips. The trainers were so sassy and wonderful.

I went to the Magic Kingdom the other day with my roommates and then we just went again today. I love just going to the Magic Kingdom after work and riding rides and eating dole whip floats and seeing the smiles on kids' faces when they watch the fireworks.

I am pretty homesick and miss my family and boyfriend a lot, but I need to take advantage of this awesome opportunity and living at the most magical place on earth!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Aaaah last night I had a MAJOR meltdown/panic attack. I can't wait until I am on the road! Packing and getting ready to go has been so stressful, but once we're on the road, most of the major stress will be GONE!

I finished packing for the most part last night around 8pm and then my boyfriend and I were being crafty and making some soap to give as presents to his relatives in Ohio when we get there. I absolutely couldn't even concentrate slightly enough to figure out how to make soap (it isn't hard at all) and I ended up being a crying mess on the floor for most of the night. I am pretty embarrassed about it now, though! I ended up getting up at 5:30 this morning to finish making soap because we probably got a total of like 6 bars made last night, and we need about 40. But it's done! Whoo!

Tonight my mom is having a dinner party after I get out of work, and then we're hitting the road around 7pm! Thank god for adderall.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, I made some progress since yesterday! All of my clothes and bedding and kitchen stuff is packed now, and in my car to boot! The rest of what I have to pack is basically stuff that I am still using, like my computer and makeup etc. And my shoes. But the bulk of it is done. I just hope I don't forget anything. Whoo progress!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Packing is so overwhelming...I don't even feel like I am taking all that much stuff considering it's for four months, but it sure LOOKS like a lot! And I've barely even started yet...

Brian and I are leaving on Sunday night, and heading to Ohio to visit his family for a few days and then we are planning on getting to Florida on Friday afternoon. I can't believe it's already here, and it's really scary! Earlier I felt so overwhelmed with attempting to pack that I ended up just curling up in a ball on my bed and holding my cat and hysterically crying...what a scene that would have been if anybody had seen it.

I am really, really excited for the awesome opportunity to live at Disney World, but I feel like I am such a downer because I am so nervous about it. I feel really homesick and I didn't even leave yet. I feel like I am being so negative about everything, but I'm just really scared.

Last night I met up with some friends in Cambridge for a going away sort of thing. We went to Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square, which is something of a landmark in Cambridge. It's really touristy and uncomfortable and really not all that wonderful, but it is totally a Boston thing so I wanted to go there before I left.

Afterwards, we went to The People's Republik in Central Square, which is a bar that has a Soviet Russian theme and is awesome and cheap. I had a really good time, and I am going to miss all of my friends so much! I know I will make new friends in Disney, but it's so hard to leave the ones up here.

I think I just am worrying too much and over analyzing everything!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time is FLYING by!

Wow, time is flying by sooo fast! 18 days until check-in. I'm leaving next Sunday night. Everything is coming up so fast!

I'm still wondering how I am possibly going to be able to do everything I want to do before I see all my friends and my family and pack everything up.

I still need to book a hotel for the nights I'll be in Orlando before check-in...22nd, 23rd, 24th. I guess that I can get around to that at pretty much any time, though, since January is slow there.

BUT WOW...I leave next Sunday! It's so scary and exciting! I'm even already a little bit homesick.

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